Autumn 2020 at DSP

Autumn is one of the most beautiful seasons at DSP. Our extraordinary collection of rare trees from around the world glow with autumnal glory while the plants and shrubs in the wilded Capability Brown gardens are packed with life – both autumn flowering plant life and the abundant wildlife.

The wildlife becomes more active during the mating and rutting season, while the birds come in for berries and seeds from the acres of wild grasslands.

Visit Terry Howe’s exhibition ‘Looking for Clues’ in the Sheds salon gallery and explore the permanent collection of environmental art across the rewilding gardens. Watch the environmental artists install new works. Autumn is a busy period for them.

Experience the fast growing environmental art movement at one of the worlds leading collections – either online or in-park. And check out the new RA Gallery Online.

DSP Online, now six months old, has become the go to way to connect, visit and support this extraordinary natural climate project. Members enjoy the almost daily fact packed photo-tips, articles and exclusive video footage and ‘behind the scenes’ with wildlife, the DSP team, our artists and the private salon gallery rooms. Today 90% of DSP’s regular visitors subscribe to DSP Online. From £3 per month DSP Online members also get exclusive invitations, special events and discounts.

If you are one of the lucky few who can join us in-park pre-book early for a nature-bound day away from your office or home. Enjoy a Saturday Day Visit or one of our Rewilding or Environmental Art Tours. Visitor numbers are kept very low to protect the habitats and wildlife and to ensure each visit is guided, safe and private.

Read Devon Life’s feature article on Mamhead Park (South) and DSP.

Devon Life

In-park visitors enjoy the Wild Kitchen gourmet picnic boxes on the terraces overlooking the sea, or at one of our tables and benches nestled in sheltered spaces around the rewilding gardens and the lake. DSP Online visitors get exclusive access to our Wild Kitchen menus, methods and progress with the new Wild Kitchen gardens.

Enjoy your Autumn with DSP either online or in-park. We look forward to welcoming you.

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