A creative, rewilded retreat is all about community. A community that cares about the arts, the environment and our wellbeing. A vibrant community of artists, volunteers, collaborators and supporters. Below are a few ways for you to get involved.


We love group visits. Whether you’re a school, college, charity, tourist group, group of artists, photographers, videographers, designers, co-workers or just friends. Each group is welcomed, from when you first enquire to the moment you arrive. To arrange a group visit and find out about discounts contact


Standard visitors can join a free Artist Talk on the 2nd Saturday of the month at 12pm, meeting at The Terraces. Artists discuss their art, inspiration, how they were influenced by DSP and show some of their works.


Every Sunday we host a free ‘Talk on the Wild Side: Rewilding explained’ for sculpture park visitors. Start your journey into this vital approach to natural climate solutions. Meet at The Terraces at 12pm.


The first Friday of the month access to the sculpture park is FREE for artists. Use the parks extraordinary backdrop to create art, photography, video, music, performance, literature and more. Or just retreat here for the day.

Art groups and associations can meet and work here using the extensive indoor and outdoor facilities. To enquire contact


Every Wednesday we celebrate #WellbeingWednesday. We offer a free afternoon Wellbeing walk for sculpture park visitors, meeting at The Terraces at 2pm. The short guided walk is designed to help us renew and reconnect taking in the art, gardens, vistas and waterways.

The first Wednesday of the month is Volunteer Day. Join us from 10.15am to help with the Wilded Capability Brown gardens. Connect with nature, meet other wonderful volunteers and learn Wilding gardening skills. We provide tools, refreshments and laughter. You just need gardening gloves.

Companies, charities and healthcare organisations can bring team members for a few hours out. If you’re a Wellbeing counsellor bring clients and run sessions outside or in our therapy rooms. We’re passionate about art and wellbeing. To arrange contact


Every Thursday we celebrate learning. From 2pm – 3pm at The Terraces the sculpture park’s senior team share their experiences with art, the park, Wilding and creative innovation. Its free for visitors to the sculpture park.

We welcome schools, learning organisations and groups. Soon we will be launching a series of themed workshops.


We’re looking for volunteers to help with the art programme, gardens and rewilding (conservation). You can volunteer 6 hours a fortnight or more. When you’re here volunteering you get free food, learning and you have fun with our growing community. Volunteers get 60% discounts on all activities at the park.

If you would like to volunteer at Devon Sculpture Park please follow us on Facebook and email

In the future we plan to provide programmes for local support groups and charities.

Devon Sculpture Park

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