Park & Gardens

Devon Sculpture Park and the Capability Brown gardens are extraordinary. The gardens, including the inaugural ‘ART WILDED’ exhibition, are open from Wednesday to Sunday, 10am – 4pm. Adults £12, children under 12 £6.

One of the very few Capability Brown gardens in the South West is surrounded by an ancient, Wilded deer park. Mamhead Park (South) sits just a few miles south of Exeter on Great Haldon Hill facing south east with almost endless sea views.

Lakes and streams weave through a number of historic buildings and follies, including the famed Robert Adams Orangery, providing constant contours for sculpture. Our nationally important collection of historic trees frame each vista and house thousands of birds and wildlife. Some of our trees are 1,000 years old, some were planted this year.

The sculpture park sits on a 100 acre Rewilding project which, along with the historic gardens, is leading the way in smaller scale Wilding programmes. Visitors get to experience natural climate solutions in action. Biodiversity abounds, nature leads.

We believe that wildlife form part of the living sculpture. Here they co-exist with environmental artworks. We see it as one vast art installation. After all, art is place.

Come and experience our approach to Rewilding and see the impact it makes first hand. You can even learn how to wild your garden or field. Book a Wilding Tour – CLICK HERE.

Devon Sculpture Park

Mamhead Park (South)