Philip Letts

Philip Letts is a recognised environmental artist and the founder of Devon Sculpture Park. He has been represented at many of the leading art fairs around the world and has had a number of solo exhibitions in major galleries in New York, London, Paris and Beirut. He is collected internationally.

‘Deforest 1’ 2019
ancient, charred lightening struck oak. 2. 5 metres by 1 metre high.

Philip is known for his constant push into new media from abstract photography to mixed media, digital art, sculpture, installation and performance art. He focuses on urban culture and industrial sprawl and the consequent pressure on the environment and our society.

‘Deforest 2’ 2019
ancient, white washed lightening struck oak. 2 metres by 0.25 metres high.

We are offering a series of Letts’ environmental sculptures called ‘Deforest’. Each sculpture is fashioned from old, found wood that has naturally formed from lightning strike or storm damage. They are part of a narrative around deforestation and climate change’s impact on the frequency of life threatening storms.

‘Deforest 3’ 2018
ancient, chromed lightening struck oak. 80cm x 12cm x 14cm.
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