Terry Howe

“I have been making art all of my life but not shown it very much!! ” Terry Howe.

In the early 70’s Terry was a trawler deckhand fishing in the North Sea but decided that was too scary. He then worked as an ice delivery boy on the fish docks, cavity wall insulator, frozen pea boxer, steel erector (world record of 1 day) and then went to art school for 4 years and moved to London working as a book/magazine designer.

resin cast float with willow pole, half sea half moon. 2.25m x 0.4m

Terry has always had a studio to make sculptures and photographic works and is always very happy to be making. 

‘From my garden’
backbone (archaeology), whittled willow with rose hip barbs. 14cm x 88cm x 8cm

Terry’s CV:

1975-79 Lowestoft College of Art
1980 – 2006 London, freelance designer
1991 Photographers Gallery, London. Bursary for photo works on the environment.
1991-1996 Founder and director of Up The Hill Gallery, Brighton. Set up to participate in the Brighton festival.
Travelling light 1991
Terry Tetlow: Paintings of travels in SW france
Gary Hitcham: Drawings from Nepal
Dust 1992
Terry Howe: Photoworks from the shed and beach
Chris McHugh: Paintings of dust mites
Beach 1994
Terry Howe: Photoworks from the beach
Paul Raftery: Photographic installation
Thick Pictures 1995
Terry Howe: Photoworks, interventions in the landscape
Chris McHugh: Landscape paintings.”

‘Stack 2’
drilled and filled lignum vitae bowling balls on a carved hemlock base with acorn cups.
32cm x 11cm x 11cm
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