Tours & Workshops

Our tours and workshops allow you to delve deeper into our work at Devon Sculpture Park and learn useful new skills.

Our tours give an introductory insight into rewilding and environmental art while our workshops provide a more immersive experience and the chance to get hands-on. See discounts for DSP Members.


Two-hour Rewilding Tour 
Tour the wilded lands with a rewilding expert.
This walking tour will help you understand how rewilding works, how it saves endangered species, and how it solves the climate crisis. You will visit the latest wildlife activity hotspots. 
Refreshments included. 
Available any Friday or Saturday from 2pm. 
£35 per person

All Day Rewilding Tour 
Tour the rewilded lands and the wilded Capability Brown gardens with a leading rewilding expert. 
Spend the morning visiting the wilded lands and the afternoon learning about the rewilding of the Capability Brown gardens and how they make such an impact. 
Enjoy lunch at the Robert Adam Orangery overlooking the sea. Refreshments included. 
Available any Tuesday to Thursday, 10am – 3.30pm. 
£85 per person

Two-hour Environmental Art Tour 
Tour the permanent art collection and the open-air and indoor exhibits with the curator at Devon Sculpture Park. 
Learn about contemporary and environmental art in a rewilded park. Gain valuable insights into how the indoor exhibitions came together. Learn about the extraordinary collection of artists leading the charge here. 
Refreshments included. 
Available any Friday or Saturday morning from 10am. 
£35 per person

Three-Hour Rewilding and Environmental Art Tour 
Tour the wilded lands, the wilded Capability Brown gardens, the permanent art collection and the environmental art exhibits (open-air and indoors) with a leading expert in rewilding and environmental art. 
Learn about smaller scale rewilding and how it saves endangered species and solves the climate crisis while exploring how environmental art communicates climate issues and solutions. 
Refreshments included. 
Available any Friday or Saturday morning from 10am. 
£55 per person


Wildlife Gardening Workshop 
Join our monthly one-day wildlife gardening workshop with the UK’s leading rewilding gardening experts. 
Learn how to develop habitats and rewild your garden to turn the soil into an effective carbon sink, grow wildlife diversity and develop natural plant life growth. Understand proven rewilding gardening methods, tools and techniques while working in the extraordinary wilded Capability Brown gardens – the world’s most advanced rewilded garden. 
Tools, lunch and refreshments included. 
Available first Wednesday of the month from March, 10am – 3.30pm. 
£65 per person or £395 per person for course of six workshops

Rewilding Smaller Scale Workshop 
Understand how smaller scale rewilding (250 acres or less) works, learn how to build a plan for your land and get the answers to all your rewilding questions. 
This one-day workshop is specifically designed for smallholders, landholders, community leaders, environmentalists and landscapers. 
The day starts with a 30-minute presentation about the rewilding of DSP followed by a two-hour tour of the wildlands. After lunch, there will be a Q&A session. 
Lunch and refreshments included.
Available 19 May, 30 June, 8 September 2021, 10am – 4pm. £95 per person

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