Wildlife Haven & Creative Retreat

Visit Devon’s wildlife and sculpture park – in-park from 19 February or at DSP Online. Pre-booked, magical and safe.

Experience our wilding journey as we continue to restore our estate in Devon to nature.

We give nature freedom to experience its strength and beauty and use environmental art to educate and challenge us on climate issues and natural solutions.

Day Visits

Discover our rewilding success and explore our evolving landscape and environmental art displays. Pre-book a day visit.

Tours and Workshops

Understand how rewilding works and learn practical skills with workshops on rewilding in practice, wildlife gardening, the arts, and wellbeing.


Retreat for a day or more to switch off from the daily routine and let nature, art and wildlife get the creative juices flowing.

Our Rewilding Journey

Several years ago, we embarked on an experiment, the wilding of 100 acres of our estate in Devon. Our simple credo is to give nature freedom and experience its strength and beauty.

As we gradually restore natural ecological processes and return the estate to nature and wildlife, we want to share the fruits of our labour so others can experience and learn from our rewilding success.

Through rewilding, we can reverse centuries of ecological damage and climate change. We’re sharing our journey to inspire others to join us in some way and to help them get started.

Whether you’re an avid environmentalist or merely curious about nature, Devon Sculpture Park will inspire you. Visit us at DSP Online, or wander around in-park on a day visit, take a guided walking tour, immerse yourself in a one-day workshop or stay longer with a retreat experience.

Book our featured Two-hour Rewilding Tour.

Or escape to DSP Online from home. If you can’t get to the park in person let us bring the park to you.