Wildlife Haven & Creative Retreat

Visit the UK’s leading smaller scale rewilding project and environmental art centre

We give nature as much freedom as possible to experience its strength and beauty and use environmental art to educate and challenge us on climate issues and natural solutions.

Day Visits

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Tours and Workshops

Our specialist guides show you how Rewilding works and take you to the current hotspots. Workshops on rewilding in practice, wildlife gardening, the arts and wellbeing


Companies and individuals retreat for a day or more. Meet in the Sheds, Lakehouse or Schoolhouse. Eat at the Terraces. Stay in the Lakehouse

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Rewilding the land is an important new discipline for environmentally aware people. Encounter herds of deer, wild soay and alpaca as they roam 100 acres of Devon wildlands before arriving at the wilded Capability Brown gardens surrounded by sea views, wildlife and environmental art.

Join us for a day visit or guided walking tour to experience a profusion of birds, butterflies, plants and fungi with environmental art in a dynamic setting. Experience a rewilded garden and landscape first hand. Get inspired to release nature in your own life be it through wildlife gardening or creating your own art.

Retreat for a day or more to switch off from the daily routines and get the creative juices flowing while nature, art and wildlife conspire to liberate your body and mind. Come back truly rejuvenated. Our team of experts will make sure you have a unique experience whether you’re a family, individual or team of co-workers.

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