Artist Programme at Devon Sculpture Park

Devon Sculpture Park (DSP) offers open-air art in the park, complete with environmental art, Capability Brown gardens, and endless sea views.

DSP is a refreshing new take on the private sculpture park with a green and digital agenda and a contemporary art collection from established and emerging artists. At any one time there are over 60 open-air sculptures and installations. Devon Sculpture Park is supported by LettsArt and LettsSafari.

The artist programme at DSP is designed to support an array of contemporary artists developing their works with an environmental agenda throughout. The programme works alongside the permanent collection at DSP’s rewilded Capability Brown gardens in order to show exciting environmentally conscious, open-air artworks.

This programme is more unique with its innovative digital agenda which amplifies the artists work within these historic gardens nationally and internationally – thanks to DSP’s talented photographers and filmmakers and its broad outreach programme.

We offer a number of artists exclusive days annually where they can meet, discuss and learn from each other, forging collaborations and activities at the park and beyond, as part of the programme. The artist days are reinforced with a free newsletter and website discussing and demonstrating the artists works and supporting initiatives.

DSP’s partnership with LettsArt, a LettsGroup venture, is enabling the growth and potential of artists to showcase and sell their art through one of the most modern and impressive online gallery systems at 

The LettsArt platform is free to use for artists – both emerging and developed. Through LettsArt, DSP is also able to discover new artists relevant to the park and in alignment with its values and agenda. We recommend that artists sign up to LettsArt as a first step. The digital art marketplace has been developed by artists, for artists – and is the first artist website system that supports the selling of digital, physical and NFT-enabled art all on one platform.

Sign up to LettsRetreat+ to receive the digital experience of DSP today, along with regular newsletter updates. LettsArt’s site is live for artists and collectors. LettsArt is a venture of the branded incubator group, LettsGroup, which is active through @LettsGroup on twitter.

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