DSP’s online exhibition ‘Looking for Clues’ by Terry Howe can be viewed online until 31 May 2021. Terry’s show is a playful yet thought provoking display of conceptual environmental art.

We believe that environmental art on rewilded lands challenges and educates us about natural solutions to the climate crisis.

We host a diverse programme of online art exhibitions and events. Like our Facebook page for invites to private openings and events.

Last year we opened our second private salon gallery, the Robert Adam Gallery, with an exciting mix of artists and sculptors – most established, some emerging. Select artworks are for sale online.

ART WILDED’, by Philip Letts, is in the lower Capability Brown gardens. ‘Bridges’ by Dartmoor-based Matt Dingle is in the inner gardens. Watch Exeter’s Chris Speyer building the last of his large-scale ceramics in The Paddock opposite the church. Enjoy Colin Porter’s minimalist environmental art nestled in the inner gardens.

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The ‘ART WILDED’ installation, by international artist Philip Letts, is a conceptual sculpture installation examining key environmntal issues including waste, plastics abuse, climate change and deforestation.

Philip’s art challenges urban consumer culture and its destruction of community and environment. He uses found objects and environmental discoveries from around the Rewilded estate alongside static, robotic, disconnected mannequin-like fibreglass figures defining ‘man VERSUS nature’.

‘Bridges to Nature’ is a collection of Matt Dingle’s sculptures around the terraces and inner gardens. Dartmoor’s Matt Dingle describes himself as sculptor and blacksmith. Most of his works are in galvanised steel.

His collection of sculptures and structures portray bridges to nature. He imaginatively creates shiny, reflecting steel sculptures finished with branches and leaves. Two of his structures are literally Bridges. One is a thirty foot leat carrying water plants in the summer and shimmering water over galvanised steel trays in the winter.

‘Flux’ by Chris Speyer is an installation of of large-scale environmental ceramic sculpture. It includes a trio of sculptures that examine our soil and its critical importance in helping solve the climate issue.

Two sculptures have been fired and one is being built on-site using Devon soil and estate rocks.

‘STREET’ is a celebration of street art and underground street art in the park. Wood panels blend into ancient woodland.

‘STREET’ centres around Letts’ early abstract photographs of gritty, ephemeral street art and the artists in the back streets of London and Paris. The installations include works by often anonymous underground street artists who have produced striking, political art on weathered wood panels.


The Open-Air permanent collection comprises dozens of environmental artworks across the park and gardens. Some have been here for centuries and some just a few months. It includes sculptures and artworks from leading international artists as well as a collection of Letts’ environmental art.

Enjoy the extraordinary park, its rewilding and environmental art online.

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