A Very Private Estate Retreat

Devon Sculpture Park is at Mamhead Park (South) which is a very private estate retreat on the outskirts of Exeter, overlooking the sea. Indeed, the first thing you see as you enter is a ‘private’ sign to remind us that we’ll be enjoying a relaxed, immersive and very private visit.

This historic estate harks back to the Domesday Book and ancient, distant times. The landscape has been restored and rewilded, whisking us back many centuries while bridging to tomorrow with advanced natural climate approaches supported by the latest digital technology.

The family reside at the estate which gives any guest a feeling of home. Visits are warm and welcoming. The Letts’ have roots in Devon going back to the 13th century at the Shapcott estate, Knowstone. The family are private and deliberate, rarely inviting more than a handful of guests at a time.

Visits are requested online and by email each meticulously managed by the team and hosted with care. The integrity of this historical retreat, the natural habitats, wildlife and environmental art can only be fully protected in this very private of private settings. A place where social distancing is comfortably managed.

The family are often at the heart of things mingling with their various guests: artists, scientists, inventors, film makers, writers, photographers, environmentalists or environmental and art enthusiasts. Government, non profit and business leaders come here to learn about the various environmental projects and the teams perspectives on the future of natural climate solutions, the arts and the publishing industry. The Letts’ have been high profile participants of the publishing industry for over 200 years.

Mamhead Park (South) and the Letts Group are today innovating by funding and developing natural solutions to the climate crisis, including Letts Safari, while supporting the environmental arts. Guests enjoy learning about smaller-scale rewilding, regenerative estate management, carbon farming, wildlife habitats and wildlife gardening, as well as natural plant regeneration, environmental art and culture and wild kitchen foods – all mixed up in a Capability Brown setting with Robert Adam architecture.

The family and the team treat each guest with the same welcome and the same enthusiasm for the environment, the arts, health, politics and new media – no matter what brings them to this project or what kind of meeting they will be enjoying.

Guests are grateful for the hands on experience from the team in-park and online. Safety, health, education and mutual respect are practised by all.

Most guests communicate with and visit the park and the various projects online meaning that the in-park experience is private, intimate and unique. The vast majority enjoy this special place digitally, via DSP Online, as only a few can meet and retreat here – combining the best in modern technology with living history and conservation.

Mamhead Park (South) and Devon Sculpture Park have restored and reimagined the term ‘salon’ whereby supporters of the arts have for centuries been hosting guests to view their private galleries and performances. It’s just that in this place the private gallery extends to the park. An oasis of magical tranquility and privacy layered with wild abandon and mystical moods. Guest after guest describe their time here as ‘fairytale’.

If you would like to request a visit or a meeting just go to the website or email us.

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