An Exhibition by Terry Howe

Terry Howe’s conceptual, environmental art exhibition ‘Looking For Clues’ is at DSP until 31 May 2021. Visit it online.

Terry’s online exhibition is a playful yet insightful examination of the ‘found’ and ‘natural’ that surround us. A reminder of how small and fragile this planet is.

We asked Terry to describe his work in his own words.

I work with the spent, washed up and the discarded.  The shoreline, car boot sales, skips and hedgerows are my main starting points for making. 

From there I take off on imaginary space travel and what I keep finding are spheres. No matter how much you zoom in or out, spheres are there (atomic, sub atomic, planets, galaxies).

You may well think what a load of old balls but have a look yourself! I find a creative charge in giving the everyday a chance of a new life.

In this exhibition you will see multiples of pan scourers, freezer bags, oil cans, funnels, table tennis, snooker, and bowling balls.

Hedgerows produce imaginary archeology, prolific multiples of spikes and barbs (amazing systems of protection). I am mainly working with acorn cups, rose hip barbs, and blackthorns/hawthorns.

In the 1960’s (my childhood years) I was free to be out all day to play, explore and invent (tips, fires, dams, dens, scavenging, collecting, penknife whittling).  All of this fired my imagination and it still does.

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