The Robert Adam Gallery

The Robert Adam Orangery is an imposing 500 year old bath stone building which was extended and improved by Robert Adam in the mid 1700’s. Today it hosts the Robert Adam salon gallery inside and on the terraces overlooking the sea and wilded Capability Brown gardens.

The Paris salon-style private gallery hosts a mix of contemporary artists in two beautiful private indoor rooms, including the extraordinary 35ft high dome room, and on two large terraces outside. The gallery houses some of the Letts family’s private collection as well as artworks from artists supported by DSP.

Artists include Tracey Emin, Chris Speyer, Teresa Wells, Terry Howe, Bev Knowlden, Colin Porter, Matt Dingle, Brendon Murless, Steve Carroll, Robert Marshall, Nicola Rigby and Philip Letts. Select artworks can be viewed at the RA Gallery Online.

The Robert Adam Orangery is one of the last historic Orangeries that is still lived in. The gallery rooms are private and can be viewed by invitation only.

We host live music and other cultural events at the Robert Adam Gallery.

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